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Red+Rio Magazine Volume 2


R+R Volume 2:

Eight Beer
Parker McCollum
Fort Worth Stockyards
The Dixie Chicken
The Texas Gulf Coast
Jeff Garnett, Architect
Home Out of Range
Chachalaca: The Mexican Pheasant
Camaraderie & Quail

And More…

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Red + Rio was created because the market asked for it. We received inquiries from all over Texas asking if we could create something specifically for Texas and Oklahoma that talked about the goings on locally, but done with the high quality of Porch + Prairie. With such a big mass of land and so many unique subcultures within, no two issues would be alike and we’d be able to focus on what is going on right now and what matters most. We would keep the tradition and values of Texas and Oklahoma alive at a time where some of the state is shifting drastically.